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Terminology That Can Aid You to Choose Effective Car Carriers Services

Posted Date: 9th July 2019

Car and Bike are the most precious assets for the Indians. So, at the time of Shipping a car from one place to the other people wants to have a smooth relocation experience. We Indians love our priced possessions like Car and Bike so much that we don’t want even a single scratch on our vehicles. Handing over your car to the car carrier services is quite a cumbersome task. Suppose you wish to find a reliable car carrier in Gurgaon, you will definitely invest your time in research. This will definitely make a lot of chaos in your life. Moreover, understanding the terminology of various Car Carrier Service providers is yet another issue.

But amidst a lot of chaos, when we approach car carrier service providers, we cannot shun away from our doubts due to lack of knowledge about important auto- transportation terminology. So, if you are also planning to approach Car carrier service providers, just scroll below and enjoy reading these important terminologies about car and bike shifting services in Gurgaon:

Auto Transportation Terminology That Aid in Choosing Car Carrier Services:

Door to Door Auto Shipping: Door to Door Auto-shipping is a buzzword in the Auto Shipping Industry these days. Door to Door Auto Shipping denotes the vehicle pick up like Car or Bike from the doorstep of a customer to its final destination. As the present world is customer-centric, therefore, the tendency of offering Door to Door Auto Shipping Services has increased to a great extent.

Bill of Lading: A Bill of Lading also termed as BOL is another important document issued by a carrier to a shipper. This contains the entire information of the car shipping transaction and acts as legitimate proof of the transaction whenever needed. A Bill of Lading contains holds the following important terms in it:

  • It includes the name of consignee and the name of consigner both
  • Name of the port of origin and the Name of port of destination
  • Dates of Departure and Arrival
  • The total items that have to be transported from one the point of origin to the point of destination
  • Total weight or volume of the Cargo
  • Freight rate or amount

Car Carrier Trailer or Car Hauler: Car Carrier Trailer also Termed as Car Hauler is a vehicle that ensures the effective transportation of the vehicle from the point of origin to the point of destination. Basically car carrier trailers can be sub-divided into two parts: Enclosed car trailers and Open car carrier trailers.

  1. Enclosed Car Carrier Trailer: This type of vessels is basically designed to protect your vehicles like Car or Bike from the adverse effects of the weather. Therefore, enclosed car carrier trailers are quite costly as compared to the open car carrier trailer.
  2. Open Car Carrier Trailer: Open car carrier trailer is also designed to execute vehicle transportation effectively from one place to the other. The advantage of these kinds of trailers is that they cost quite less as compared to the enclosed car carrier trailer.

Car or Bike Shipping: Vehicle Shipping is an important part of the Auto Transportation Industry. Car and Bike Shipping is a system to transport your vehicle from the buyer’s place to the seller’s place or from point of origin to the point of destination. Many people need Car and Bike Shipping services at the time of relocation.

Cut-off Time: Cut off time denotes the maximum point of time within which the shipper must be able to deliver the goods to the carrier. 

Diversion: This is a basic terminology that is used to inform the change of route of a vehicle in transit. The change of route must also be communicated effectively to the customers.

Proof of Delivery: Proof of delivery also termed as P.O.D is basically termed as a document that act as a proof of the auto shipping transaction. This receipt makes the entire transaction legitimate. Without proof of delivery, no transaction can be termed as legitimate.

Track your Shipment: Many auto shipping industries offer the facility of tracking their auto-shipment consignment. By using this facility, the companies can track their vehicle shipment easily and can contact the auto shipping industry, if needed.

Shipping Insurance: Shipping insurance is an important term for auto shipping companies. It signifies the insurance reimbursement to the senders when their vehicles are lost, or stolen in the transit. Giving insurance to vehicle shipping customers has become an increasing trend. Many customers also want to acquire a shipping insurance facility at the time of relocation.

Single Vehicle Shipping: Single vehicle shipping denotes the process of the shipping of a single-vehicle from one place to the other.

Shared Vehicle Shipping: Shared vehicle shipping denotes the transportation of goods collectively from one place to the other. Shared vehicle shipping can carry out the vehicle transportation requirements of various customers at one point of time.

Closing Thoughts:
To understand the basic terminology of the auto shipping industry is the need of the hour. It helps us to understand the complex terminology in a much better way and in choosing the right car transportation Services. If you are looking forward to have the services of car transport in Gurgaon, then understanding the basic terminology will definitely help you in choosing the best car carriers at the place of your choice.


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