Vasani Vrajgopal


Shifting Services Service: Bike
From Location City From : Ahmedabad
Destination Location City To : Pune



Shifting Services Service: Bike
From Location City From : Hyderabad
Destination Location City To : Haralur



Shifting Services Service: Car/Household
From Location City From : Noida
Destination Location City To : Pune



Shifting Services Service: Bike
From Location City From : Aurangabad
Destination Location City To : Pune



Shifting Services Service: Bike
From Location City From : Kalyan
Destination Location City To : Leh



Shifting Services Service: Car
From Location City From : gurgaon
Destination Location City To : Rayachoty

Prarthana Jathar


Shifting Services Service: Bike
From Location City From : Pune
Destination Location City To : Thane

Krishna Kumar Yadav


Shifting Services Service: Bike
From Location City From : Waidhan
Destination Location City To : Ghaziabad



Shifting Services Service: Bike
From Location City From : Delhi
Destination Location City To : Baijnath



Shifting Services Service: Car/Bike
From Location City From : Chandigarh
Destination Location City To : Katihar

Frequently Asked Questions

All service providers listed by us are registered with us and we have verified their commercial details. Please read customer reviews about these services on our online portal.

The charges depend on the brand/model of your vehicle and the distance over which it is  to be transported. They will give you the different transport options and their charges.

We are here to assist you with speedy resolutions to your problems. We do this by listing quotes as the first step and not the last. The vehicle shifting services listed by us will serve in your locality and will meet all of your requirements.

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The vehicle shifting services in Chandigarh always serve their purpose

Chandigarh is a city shared as capital by two states Punjab and Haryana. Affluent citizens of both states have established successful businesses here. There is no shortage of vehicle owners in the city. The students and professionals who move to other cities for education or work, respectively hire the vehicle shifting services in Chandigarh, to take their vehicle with them. 

The types of service providers in Chandigarh and their services

These service providers fall into different categories, as old established ones vs the new entries, single service providers who will move your car and bike vs the complete solution providers. Most of these service providers will grab any opportunity they can get and why shouldn't they? They have the right experience and resources to get the job done. These Bike shifting service providers in Chandigarh will assist you with storage solutions in terms of spaces in warehouses. You can also purchase transit insurance for your vehicle. Most of these service providers will move your vehicle safely anyway, but the insurance will force them to be extra vigilant as any damages will earn them a bad name in the industry.

The different modes available for Vehicle transportation in Chandigarh

There are different modes of transport for moving your vehicle to and from Chandigarh. You can use roadways, railways, airways for vehicle shifting. The transportation charges by road will be different if your vehicle was moved via train or aeroplanes. While the trains and aeroplanes will take your vehicle to select locations, the containerized truck or hydraulic trailers will provide door to door facility and take your vehicle to any destination of your choice. Alternatively you can use a combination of these modes of transport, which is done for cost cutting purposes. 

If you are moving your vehicle overseas, aeroplanes may prove to be too expensive. Hence most of the time spaces on ships for a container, carrying your vehicle alone or with other vehicles, will have to be booked. 

Uncommon names but common purposes

Different vehicle shifting organizations list their organization title and activities with uncommon terms. Bike Couriers is another term for bike shifting services. The change in name indicates that your bike will be transported at the same speed as a courier. Most courier companies though do not move anything apart from parcels.

If you want to hire vehicle shifting services near me, you can use the services of MoveMyCar. All you need to do is complete a small requirements form and in minutes 4 best quotes, free of cost will be on your mobile. Alternatively please call us at 1800-102-9655 to discuss your requirements and queries.               

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