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Posted Date: 3rd August 2023
Bike and Car Transport from Bangalore to Guwahati

You know I have been looking for a car relocation service for so long, but I am unable to find a single one!...says my friend when we met last weekend. 

She is aware of theft and bad customer experiences related to relocation services. She was afraid of choosing one because it's hard to trust and find one who meets the requirements. She does not have time to drive her car for car transport from Bangalore to Guwahati. Seeing her struggle makes me worry, as I have been writing content on logistics from a while. 

This inspires me to write a blog where I can address people's queries. This blog is surely a wholesome package of information, tips, best methods and companies that provide shifting services from Bangalore to Guwahati. 

How to Transport bikes and cars from Bangalore to Guwahati?

There are various shipping methods by which you can relocate your vehicle. Here I have listed some common methods for vehicle transportation. 

Transport your vehicle by Road from Bangalore to Guwahati

Vehicle relocation by road is one of the easiest and most reliable methods to transport your car or bike. The plus side of choosing bike or car transport services in Bangalore by road is that they offer door-to-door delivery of your vehicle. You can choose the transportation method by choosing any of the following methods. 

1. Open Trailer

  • Offers less cost
  • Easily available 
  • Transport more than one vehicle 


  • Car or bike is exposed to the environment 
  • Your vehicle requires a wash after the move

2. Closed Trailer

  • Best for the safety of your vehicle 
  • You can transport more than one vehicle


  • Expensive, comparatively open trailers 

Transport your vehicle by Train  from Bangalore to Guwahati

There is another way in which you can transport your vehicle with the help of vehicle relocation services offered by the railways. Railways have special guidelines for parceling your vehicle. They have a price structure on their sites according to which you have to pay for the service. 

To opt for the car transportation by train, you need proper documentation at the time of picking up your vehicle from the railway station. If, in any case, you are unable to pick up your vehicle on time, you have to pay a fixed amount per extra hour for your vehicle. 

The general average rate for vehicle transport by train from Bangalore to Guwahati is Rs. 18500 to Rs. 22000 (depending on the weight of the freight).


  • Trustworthy and verified services and have zero chances of fraud and theft.  
  • Budget-friendly 


  • No door-to-door deliveries 
  • You have to be on time for the pickup of the vehicle 

Top 5 Companies to Shift car and bike from Bangalore Guwahati

Top 5 Car Transport from Bangalore to Guwahati


Gati Packers Movers

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Vinit Packers And Movers

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HTC Packers

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Castle Packers Movers

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Seacon Packers Movers

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Before knowing the top companies, let's first know how to choose the best transport companies for vehicle shipping from Bangalore to Guwahati. Here are the ways below by which you can choose the best moving company. 

  • Professional Expertise: The first way to identify the best vehicle transport company is by looking at their years of experience and how long they have been in the market. Make sure to check the credentials, reviews and testimonials of their clients yourself. 
  • Transparency: Another thing that you need to check about professional movers is the transparency of their pricing structure. Professional movers know how to develop trust with their clients and they do not ask for any kind of additional charge later. Whatever they are charging, they give you a complete, detailed quotation for that. 
  • Trained Staff and Excellent Communication : Professional movers always hire trained professionals on their teams. A team that can handle the move in every condition and will take care of the overall shifting from proper packaging to its loading and unloading. Professionals also know how to treat their customers, they are not rude to you in any way. They value each and every customer and understand them and address their queries patiently. 
  • Sufficient Manpower : This is a point that is ignored by most of you and sometimes you may forget to check for it. Make sure, when choosing a reliable car or bike transport in Bangalore, you check the number of employees they have. Insufficient manpower will result in late shifts and late relocations.  

These are the ways that are helpful for you to choose the best transport company. 

What are the Car transport Charges from Bangalore to Guwahati? 

Car transport charges are not fixed, these prices vary for several reasons.

  • Distance of move 
  • Type of car or bike you have to shift 
  • Type of carrier you have chosen
  • Other economic factors like fuel prices, toll taxes and more

Cost of Car transport form Bangalore to Guwahati varies from Rs. 18500 to Rs.32,500 
Cost of Bike transport form Bangalore to Guwahati varies from Rs. 7500 to Rs. 12500 

Car Shipping Cost from Bangalore to Guwahati: Charges Table

Service Type

Hatchback Car Carrier Price Sedan Car Carrier Price SUV Car Carrier Price Luxury Car Carrier Price Sports Car Carrier Price

Car Transport Charges from Bangalore to Guwahati

10,000 - 12,500 24,000 - 27,500 28,500 - 31,000 33,000 - 37,000 35,000 - 40,500

Bike Transportation Charges from Bangalore to Guwahati :

Service Type

100cc - 150cc Bike 150cc - 200cc Bike 200cc - 250cc Bike 250cc - 350cc Bike 350cc - 500cc Bike

Bike Transport Charges from Bangalore to Guwahati

11,000 - 14,500 12,500 -  15,500 14,000 - 16,000 15,000 - 17,500 15,000 - 22,000

Safety Tips

Insurance of vehicles 

While transporting your car, it is advisable to take out insurance for your vehicle to avoid any financial loss in the future. Carefully choose the insurance for your car and choose the service that covers all types of damages. 

Keep the fuel level low

During transportation, a full fuel tank increases the weight of your vehicle, which adds additional weight to the trailer. Keeping the fuel level low not only reduces the vehicle's weight but also reduces the cost of transportation. 

Photograph your vehicle

Make sure to take photographs of the vehicle before involving the car transport and after the delivery of your vehicle. This will work as proof in case of any unforeseen incidents or any damage, scratches and dents in the car. 

I hope you found this blog valuable for your bike and car transport from Bangalore to Ghuwatti. 
Have a safe and damage-free vehicle relocation! 


How long does car transport from Bangalore to Guwahati typically take?

The duration varies but usually ranges from 5 to 10 days, depending on distance and route.

What legal documents do I need for car Relocation from Bangalore to Guwahati?

You'll typically need proof of ownership, insurance details, and identification documents.

Are there any specific weight or size limits for vehicles transported from Bangalore to Guwahati?

Car transport services can usually accommodate various vehicle sizes and weights.

Can I transport my car with personal items inside from Bangalore to Guwahati?

It's generally recommended to remove all personal items from your car before transport to ensure safety and compliance.

Do car moving services in Bangalore to Guwahati offer discounts for multiple vehicles?

Some services may offer discounts for multiple vehicles. Inquire with the service provider.

How far in advance should I book car transport services for this route?

It's advisable to book car transport services several weeks in advance to secure availability.

Are there any specific safety measures taken during car transport from Bangalore to Guwahati?

Reputable car transport services take precautions to secure your vehicle during transport, including proper loading and tie-downs.

How do I know if my car transport service is licensed and insured for this route?

Ask the service provider for their licensing and insurance information, and verify it independently if necessary.

Are there any special considerations for transporting luxury or high-value cars from Bangalore to Guwahati?

It's recommended to inform the transport service if your car is high-value to ensure appropriate precautions are taken.

Can I transport my car from Bangalore to Guwahati during the monsoon season?

Yes, you can transport your car during the monsoon season, but be prepared for potential weather-related delays.

Do Best car transport company provide assistance with paperwork for interstate transport?

Some services may assist with interstate paperwork, but it's advisable to check with the service provider for specific details.


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