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Posted Date: 29th June 2022
best way to transport cars or bikes in India during the monsoon season

The monsoon in India is just around the corner. And we Indians love our rains most of the time except in certain situations; relocation being one of them. Moving is a big deal, even at the best of times and circumstances. And moving a vehicle in the rainy season is definitely not something that anyone dreams of. 

That is to say, if anyone in case tries to relocate their roadster during a downpour while singing "Main nikla, o gaddi leke," the following lyrics may correct themselves to “Ek mod aaya, main utthe gadi tod aaya." 

However, taking a serious note about it, India ranks at the top when it comes to lives being lost in road accidents.  The worst part is that the volume of accidents and casualties increases during the monsoon season. So dear relocators, don’t let the rain ruin your auto relocation and put you into danger. Make a smart move by opting for a professional bike/car transportation service in India.

Another question that needs to be addressed here is whether to move vehicles via train or road. The straightforward answer to the query is Indian Railways. There are several reasons to choose railways over roads for motor vehicle relocation. We will be discussing the three most essential ones here:

  1. Safety - From water logging to slippery roads, automotive transportation during wet weather can be a nuisance. Since climate conditions can’t be controlled in any way, faulty wheels of the carriage vehicle may ditch your move on the way or cause accidents. The train, on the other hand, is a reliable solution all year round. It helps individuals take their cars/bikes off the road during wet conditions while ensuring 100% safe and sound relocation. 

  2. On-time shipment - Mind-boggling traffic jams are common during rainy days. So, no matter how reliable an automobile transportation company, with whom you have entrusted your vehicle relocation, it may fail to deliver your car or bike on time. You won’t face such delays with railways. 

  3. Affordability - Automotive shipping providers increase the shipping charges during the monsoon season. But rain doesn’t affect railway transportation rates. The prices will be constant during all the seasons. Therefore, car or bike shifting by train is the best deal in every way. 

Two ways to transport your automobile through train -

  1. Car/bike shipping as luggage -  The railway authorities will pack and ship your car or bike as a part of your luggage through the same train on which you are traveling.

  2. Car/bike shipping as parcel - If you are not traveling by the same train as your vehicle, the latter will be transferred to the desired destination as a parcel.

When transporting your vehicle by train as a parcel or luggage, you must empty the fuel tank and submit a photostat copy of your vehicle's registration and government-issued ID proof at the nearest parcel office of the railway. Consider visiting the nearest parcel or luggage office to know the latest rules and regulations for vehicle transportation.

Factors influencing vehicle shipping charges by train 

There can’t be a single factor that determines the cost of vehicle moving. Let’s look at the 5 major points affecting bike/ car transport charges by train:

  1. The distance to be covered

  2. the size and weight of the vehicle.

  3. Model of the vehicle (Modern, luxury, sports, vintage, etc.)

  4. Type of transport: Luggage or Parcel

  5. Insurance coverage 

On the other hand, factors that determine vehicle shipping charges by road, include distance to be covered in transit, bike model and size, delivery timeline, carrier options (open or closed trailer), transit insurance, manpower involved in the process, etc.

Reason to hire movers for vehicle shifting via train during rain 

Automobiles running on the road are one of the major sources of carbon emissions and contribute largely to the menace of climate change. So for the sake of the environment, individuals must choose train over the road as the mode of transportation. The MPG (miles per gallon) rating of trains is excellent. They are the most environmentally friendly way of moving since they halt at designated spots and consume less fuel, helping to cut down greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution. The only discouraging factor of car/bike transfer via train is that the pre and post-process, both are time-consuming and a bit of a hassle. And that is where professional auto transportation companies in India come into the scene. They take the complications out of the process and make the whole experience a great one with their excellent door-to-door vehicle pick-up and drop-off services. 

Make a smart & wise move 

Thanks for taking out time to read the above-cited information, we hope it was worth your time and you would eventually make a wise choice in terms of vehicle transportation via road or train. For any further queries or information please feel free to leave a comment below.


Does MoveMyCar provide car/bike transportation via train? 

MoveMyCar is a leading web aggregation platform with verified and licensed packers and movers who offer door-to-door vehicle transportation services. 

How soon should I book car/bike transportation via train? 

We recommend booking vehicle transportation at least 5–10 days in advance via train.


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