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Why Year End is the Best Time For Buying a New Car in India

Posted Date: 12th December 2022
Why Year End is the Best Time For Buying a New Car in India

Come December and your phone may be bombarded with the messages like - “Up to 30% discount on your favorite car model”, “On the spot car insurance”, “Zero percent finance charges” and lots more.

So, now have you made up your mind to buy and drive a brand new car?  

2023 is only a few days away. I frequently get the question, "Is year end the best month to buy a new car?" "I'm not sure about that, but YES December is an excellent time to buy a new car," is how I always respond.

But Why Only December, Not Any Other Month/Time of the Year?

I know that this question will definitely pop up in your mind.

In a nutshell, car manufacturers ask themselves, "How can we quickly shift these?" when they look at their unsold inventory across their whole product line at the end of the year. The solution is to hold out a discount offer to prospective customers. If there's one thing we Indians love, it's a DISCOUNT.  There are various other reasons for the car manufacturers offering discounts year end:

  • The discounts available differ from one manufacturer to another and also based on the type of vehicle. A discount of a few thousand to a few lakhs of rupees is to be anticipated. 
  • When you purchase a car in December, you may be eligible for additional perks like free auto insurance, an extended warranty and even free accessories.

You Got the Keys of Your Favorite Car, BUT What About the RELOCATION?

BIG CONGRATULATIONS! Now that you have purchased your dream car model at the best price, have you given car shifting a thought? Maybe not, right? Well, the safe relocation of your car is extremely important, especially if you are moving for any reason like the job change, new apartment purchase and any other purpose.  

Ways of Car Shifting in India

Are you certain that you are aware of your possibilities while looking to relocate cars in India? Do you know the many car transportation options available? If you are unsure of how to move your car, then here the three options:  

  • Self Drive: Can you take chances of self driving your brand new car, especially if you are shifting to the new location? In the big picture, it's not just time-consuming; it might also cost money if the vehicle is damaged or in an accident. To transport your vehicle safely, you should always hire the top car transportation company in India. 
  • Vehicle Packers and Movers: The trucks we frequently see on the road are provided by the car carrier service providers in India. You must always consult your car  packers and movers regarding the kind of truck to be used for shifting. 
  • Car Shifting by Train: In recent months, car transportation by train has emerged as a viable, dependable, and economical means of transporting vehicles. The trains provide a secure means of ensuring that goods from factories reach their intended destinations without problems. 

Will You Get The Discount From Car Transport Companies in India During December Also?

It is certainly a great feeling when you get a discount on your favorite car, isn’t it? What about car shifting? Can you also SAVE MONEY when relocating vehicles during the winter season also? The answer is BIG YES. You can certainly look forward to getting a good offer from the providers of car transport in India during the month of December. This is because at this time, people generally do not shift and as a result you stand an excellent chance to get a discount on your vehicle relocation and have a happy smile on your face. 

Zip, Zap, Zoom With Your Dream Car!

Buying a new car year end can certainly prove to be beneficial as most of the car dealers or manufacturers all across India offer attractive deals to get rid of the old vehicle inventory. Furthermore, when it comes to shifting your car to another location, then also you can look forwards towards getting a discount from the providers of car transport in India. It is a “WIN-WIN” situation for you. So, what are you waiting for? Use your bargaining skills to get the keys of your dream car and relocate it safely. 


Manish Pandey

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