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Car Transportation from Kolkata to Bangalore | Shipping Prices

Posted Date: 16th November 2022
5 Best Packers and Movers for Car Transport from Kolkata to Bangalore

When we come up with the plan of home shifting to another city or state, it brings a lot of anxiety and blues of relocation. However, One of the most vital things is shifting your vehicle, especially, to a faraway city. The distance between Kolkata to Bangalore is approx 1900 Kms for which it will take around 35 hours of non-stop driving. So, it is extremely risky to drive by yourself to such a far-situated city and also not favourable for your beloved and valuable car. 

For such tremendous shifting, you must and should consider Car Transport in Kolkata for safe and professional shifting for your car to Bangalore. To save you time, we have listed the top 5 Car transportation companies from Kolkata to Bangalore.

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1. Euro Packers Movers - Baranaga

Car Transportation is one of the most crucial tasks of its own and requires a team of the finest packers and movers. Therefore, Euro Packers Movers, totally understand their responsibility and have a team of skilled packers and movers. With their quality and unmatched service in Car Transportation in Kolkata, they have made a big name in the moving sector. You can surely trust their services for moving your valuable car from Kolkata to Bangalore or to any other location across the country. 

2. Agarwal Packers Movers - Belgaria

Undoubtedly, Agarwal Packers Movers is a big name in vehicle transportation across the country. Their services are up to the mark services and it's also a great idea to move your car with a professional team. They offer reliable and affordable car shifting services. It would be incredibly difficult for you to drive to a distant spot without being utterly weary. Therefore, Agarwal Packers Movers could be your best choice for car transportation.

3. Perfect Packers Movers  - Jadavpur

The name itself denotes the virtue of their quality and service. Perfect Packers Movers is among the top choices of customers for shifting their cars to another city. Due to their extensive experience and skills in the sector of car or bike transport services in Kolkata. Their main objective is to offer expert bike and car services at fair prices. They maintain a thorough list of the clients who have given them favourable feedback. All of the legalities involved in moving the vehicles are going smoothly.

4. Pratik Movers  - Maniktala

If you're reluctant about shifting your car or bike safely from Kolkata to Bangalore, then you surely require to compare and analyze the movers of the city. However, the packers and movers which we have mentioned in this article are the most reputable movers for shifting cars and bikes. Pratik Movers is one of them and you can trust their services to the core. Their team is highly skilled with responsibilities such as preparing the car for shifting and delivering it on time at the right place

5. Gati Packers Movers  - Ghughudanga

One of the finest car movers in Kolkata is Gati Packers and Movers, which provides affordable quotes not just for car transportation but for Home shifting and furniture shifting as well. Therefore, it doesn’t matter the sort of moving requirements you have, Gati Packers and Movers provide you with a wholesome package for shifting your belongings to a different city or state.

Book the best Car Moving Service from Kolkata to Bangalore 

So you decided to pick up your car finally and move to Bangalore. Shifting to this busy corporate city with your car might be a necessity for your working needs. However relocating a car from one place to another is not as easy as lifting luggage, especially if the distance measures between Kolkata and Bangalore. 

Hence, this is where people start looking for Car Moving services from Kolkata to Bangalore. These are some professionals who are massively experienced and learned the moving practices. 

Free to Connect with Top Transporters on MoveMyCar

There exist countless vehicle mover companies in the City of Joy. Kolkata has been considered as the cultural capital of India, hence everyone has a perfect solution for your car moving needs. So whom to trust? The only one-step solution is to visit MoveMyCar. 

  • Instant Access: You don’t need to fill out any long form or share a plethora of information. Just share your location, and here you have a bunch of movers. 
  • Remote Service: Further, there is no requirement to visit the transporter’s office. They call you by their hand, discuss them all, and hire after you are satisfied. And this is all you can do from Home. 
  • Free to Use: There is no mediation charge or Service Fee. MoveMyCar is completely free to use.  You just need to pay the cost of car transport from Kolkata to Bangalore, to the Shipping company.
  • No Fraud Chances: MoveMyCar only lists vendors after their complete verification. Those who submit their license, and certificate, and seem legit, are allowed to work on the platform. 

Don’t be late to visit MoveMyCar:

The world is evolving, and everyone is appreciating the services that are available from home. MoveMyCar creates a revolutionized working model, where you can find the services for car transport from Kolkata to Bangalore anywhere or anytime.  This might sound impossible, but we are doing it in reality. With the aim of making shifting so smooth that one would book it like paying bills today. 

The Concluding Remark

Definitely, this list is going to be a great support for you while planning your relocation to another city. As you have the best-shortlisted packers and movers to move your car from Kolkata to Bangalore, all you need to do is analyze their quotes and choose the best one for you. 


What is Kolkata to Bangalore car transport charges?

However, the final price could vary from mover to move but it can cost you around somewhere, Rs. 10000 to 35,000 depending on your car and the service required. 

Service Type 

Hatchback Car Carrier Price

Sedan Car Carrier Price

SUV Car Carrier Price

Luxury Car Carrier Price

Car Transportation Charges from Kolkata to Bangalore

8000 - 10000 18000 - 25000 23000 - 29000 28000 - 35000

How can I send my car from Kolkata to Bangalore?

You have plenty of options to move your car from Kolkata to Bangalore such as by Truck or Lorries or Train. You can choose according to your preference and budget. 

What aspects affect the cost of car transport from Kolkata to Bangalore? 

The distance between the two cities, the kind of vehicle being transported, the form of transportation (open or enclosed carrier), and the season all determine how much it will cost to ship a car from Kolkata to Bangalore.  

What is the cost of bike transport from Kolkata to Bangalore?

Depending on the prominent variables, different bikes can cost different amounts to transfer from Kolkata to Bangalore. The price might range from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 25,000 on average.

Do the providers of bike transport from Kolkata to Bangalore help me to shift vehicles by train?

You can use the Indian Railways service to transport your bike by train from Kolkata to Bangalore. You must go to the Indian Railways parcel office at the closest railway station, complete the necessary paperwork with precise information, pay the transportation price, and leave your bike there. After that the railway officials will load your two wheeler and get it delivered to your desired destination.


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