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How to shift your car from one state to another state without hassle?

Posted Date: 24th March 2022
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 Transfer your car from one state to another smoothly 

Like a loyal champion, your car has been serving you day and night in various conditions and situations for years. So, when shifting from one state to another, you must stay loyal and arrange a transit for it that is fool-proof and hassle-free. We guess you won’t prefer to move your car independently because of the damage and risk factors. Then, you might be seeking the best option to shift your car from one state to another in a damage-free condition, right?

If you are Googling answers for related queries, for instance: Popular and safe ways for car transportation, tips for easy car shifting, etc., then you have come across the right platform. Below are the two most popular, sure shot ways for car transfer from one state to another:

  1. Indian Railways (Train)
  2. Roads (Automobile transportation companies)

Interstate car transportation by road 

Without a doubt, it's one of the most preferred, convenient, and cost-effective methods for car shifting. Professional automobile transportation companies offer door-to-door and end-to-end shifting solutions to ensure your four-wheeler reaches the designated destination on time and without any damage, or complications. 

Cost of car transportation via road from one state to another

Car transportation prices from one state to another state can affect by various factors: 

  1. Distance
  2. Delivery time frame 
  3. Carrier option (Open or enclosed trailer)
  4. Car model and size
  5. Manpower
  6. Insurance policy, etc. 

Interstate car transportation by train 

Indian railways are one of the safest and most affordable modes of car shifting. You can shift your car through a train in an enclosed container without compromising its safety at the best possible rates. There are two ways of car shifting through train: 

Luggage car shifting - Your four-wheeler will be packed and moved on the same train on which you are traveling. 

Parcel car shifting - You can transport your car like a parcel without boarding on the same train. Your car will be transferred to the desired destination within 2-5 days or depending upon the distance.

Car shifting through a train is safe and affordable yet complex if it's performed independently. However, you can keep the hassle at bay by allocating the job to an auto transporter who offers car transportation services through the train. Shifting your car via train through professionals' help is the most sensible decision. Professionals will take the load off you and take complete responsibility for the shipment of your car. All you need to do is hire a reliable transporter and tell him your shifting requirements, and he will do the rest for you.

Cost of car transportation via train from one state to another
Factors that can influence car shifting prices from one state to another state through train are: 

  1. Distance 
  2. Size and weight of the car 
  3. Porter charges 
  4. Insurance charges 

7 Benefits of car transfer from one state to another with expert.

  1. Lesser Planning - Car transfer from one state to another is a time-consuming process. It demands a great deal of planning, time, and effort, i.e. number of drivers, number of stoppage points, best routes, and much more. Hence, a professional transportation company is indeed an excellent escape. 
  2. Credible Services - Verified vehicle relocation firms offer adjustable services. The only bet here is to ensure the credibility of the business before sealing the deal. It's where we at MoveMyCar come into the scene. We connect customers with top movers who offer car transfer from one state to another. 
  3. Safety - Do you want to see your four-wheeler in damage-state? If you don't, you must move your vehicle with professional movers' assistance. They will send your four-wheeler to the designated point safely without a scratch. Plus, they provide enough coverage for your move with sufficient insurance that you can claim for any damages. 
  4. Door To Door Delivery - Professional movers make relocation convenient and hassle-free for you by offering complete door-to-door relocation services. Your car will be picked up from your doorstep and delivered to your new destination. 
  5. End-to-end relocation services - You don’t have to be worried about the safety of your car as moving experts relocate your valuable asset safely to the next point single-handedly under their end-to-end service. 
  6. Around-the-clock customer support - If you are moving your motorcar for the first time and are concerned about its safety, let us tell you professional transportation companies offer 24/7 assistance which means they are never off duty. And you will get support if and when needed. 
  7. On-time car transfer - You can rest assured that your vehicle will reach the destination within the set time frame if you choose to relocate it with professionals

The Bottom Line 

These are two prominent and safe ways of car shifting from one state to another that you can opt for as per your preferences, requirements and budget.

Happy Moving! 


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