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How to Recognize the Genuine Bike Transport Services in Mumbai?

Summary: This is for a large number of people who are planning to different cities from Mumbai that if you are the thing for the relocation of your car or bike then look for something which is secure and hassle-free. There are many services of bike transport in Mumbai that are best and reliable in terms of providing the assurance of security during transit. So, all you need to check out your hired car carriers whether it is genuine or not.

How you can do it? How would you get to know whether they are realistic or not? We are giving you the tips. All you need to check out the given tips below:

Car Bike Transport in Mumbai - MoveMyCar

Tips to recognize the genuine car and bike transportation

The following are the tips to follow while moving your car or bike from Mumbai to Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida etc.

  • Inspect by yourself
  • Ensure they have valid registration & license
  • Check out their reviews
  • Cross check, if they are seriously offer low price.

Let us now discuss in detail:

  • Inspect by yourself: Before believing in any company just give it a second thought. This means you need to confirm the company on your own. No matter what your friends say or other folks tell you. It is all their business. But when it comes to inspect the reality of the business then people do prefer to conduct the inquiry on their own.
  • Ensure they have valid registration & license: There are certain legal documents that are necessary to see such as PAN CARD, Aadhaar card, GST number, a certificate of registration etc. So, do not forget this most important step to ask out to the car carriers in Mumbai.
  • Check out their reviews: Whatever the company you are going to be chosen, make sure that you have seen its reviews and rating over the Google and other dashboards provided by the moving companies. This will give you a brief idea about the authenticity of the company.
  • Cross check, if they are seriously offer low price: There are many companies in the market that are sitting just to trap the innocent people of the city in the name of car transportation in Mumbai. Remember, cross-checking is the crucial thing in this step. It is the most significant thing to judged the companies and extract the realistic solutions for you. It is not necessary if the bike shifting company is demanding less prices then it will definitely a fake company. Maybe it is a real company. So, it totally depends upon the research and inquiry on how well you can dig out.

What are the Prices of the Car and Bike Transportation from Mumbai to Another Place?

The following table will give you an idea about the same:

                Intercity Car Transport Distance

                Intercity Car Transport Charges (Rs.)

                           Upto 400 Km


                           400-800 Km


                           800-1300 Km


                          1300-1900 Km


What are the benefits of hiring a genuine bike transport company?

The following are the benefits of getting the top-notch companies for the bike transport:

  • You will be able to get acquainted with the enclosed transportation or open transportation in Mumbai.
  • You can suggest your relatives, friends, colleagues and other folks, better bike shifting services in Mumbai. You can easily be able to give the reviews and ratings of the company while giving the suggestion to opt for this company. The most important perk is it will be real.  
  • You will be able to get ensured that a car transport company in your city is having an office properly or not. This will also help you to avoid the unnecessary rush over the internet. Besides, you will focus only on the good and real companies.
  • Before, handing over your car or bike to the hands of the complete stranger, you will think twice and you will be able to brush up your researching skills more. So, through this, you will be able to avoid the wrong company for future sake.
  • There are many companies that can woo you in any case. So, if you will recognize your good company then it will not hamper you in any way. You will not believe them in the upcoming future. You will not be in a condition of so pathetic.
  • Last but not least, selecting a right and secure bike transport company will never let you down in any situation. Your car insurance company will never let you hamper your relocation of your vehicles whether it is a bike or a car. They will assure you through the solid insurance policy and other things.


All in all, you will be able to gather a lot of experience if you will follow the above steps.

Posted : 19th May 2020

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