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How to Transfer Your Car at Interstate Level Effectively?

Posted Date: 5th May 2020

Summary: If you are looking for the instructions on how you can transfer your lovely car to the next or adjacent state, then all you need to have a good knowledge of the platform from where you can get this information correctly and shortly. The one and only aim is basically to hire car transportation services in Delhi effectively and smoothly. So, here in this blog, we will be discussing the same things on this page. All you need to ponder and read patience fully.

All you Need to Clean Your Car Before Handing it Over to Your Car Carriers

The first and foremost step is to wash your car and click some awesome pictures of your precious car from different angles. This is because you would have the real condition of your car before handing it over to the car carrier services in Delhi. In case, you would have any damages then have a record of it. Once, the moving company will come for inspection they will detect it and have their records regarding the same.

Remove the personal items from the car

Once, you are done with the cleaning stuff of the car, and then you need to remove all the precious and personal items from your car such as teddy bear, soft hanging toys etc.

Secure all loose parts

Remember; do not forget to cross check the vehicle that all the parts are properly screwed up or not. If any part of the car is loose then fix it timely. There are many parts of the car that may often loosen such as spoilers, fog lights, mirrors, antennas etc.

Disable car alarm

It is the easiest task if we say to put off the car alarm system. It is very crucial to disconnect it before giving your car in the hands of a stranger company. Although, the car moving company would be providing insurance but you have to do it somehow. Otherwise, if they will remains on the car, then it will disturb the driver during transit.

Don’t fill up your tank with gas

At least have ¼ fuels in a tank of your lovely car. Through this, you will be able to save on the car weight that the auto shipping companies appreciate. You will need to have some of the gas also before giving you a car to the car/motorcycle transport companies in Delhi.

Bonus pro tips

There are certain bonus pro tips that are given below:

  • Car battery fully charges and tires inflated

Please ensure that your car is refilled with car fluids and let your car with shipped company. Some of the car fluids are oil, brake or transmission etc should be fixed. This is because a car leakage can cause damages to the car carriers very badly.

  • If you are shipping convertible

Ensure that you have closed the top and it is secure properly. Look that the seal of any hole or opening is not having any damages.

  • Vehicle inspection report 

It is important to receive the inspection report of your car before the departure of the house. Otherwise, it can become a reason for the heavy loss and unnecessary headache. It will be the only evidence about the condition of your car. Please, do these things before the signing of the bill of lading.

  • Car operational problems

Yes, you are free to ship a car which is out of the order but the condition is the car should be a running condition. However, if there will be any operational problems, you can make a long list of them and give it to the car/bike transport services in Delhi.

What are the charges of car carriers in Delhi?

The following table is revealing the prevailing charges in Delhi NCR:

Intercity Car Transport Distance

Intercity Car Transport Charges (Rs.)

Upto 400 Km


400-800 Km


800-1300 Km


1300-1900 Km



All in all, by following the above-mentioned moving tips of car and the bike transport charges in Delhi you can be able to make your journey enjoyable and reasonable. A professional auto shipping company will definitely help you with the above-discussed points that you also need to ponder. Through this, you will also get to know the ins and outs of the auto shipping process.  

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