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Home » Blog » How to Deal with the Emotions While Shifting Your Car From One City to Another?

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How to Deal with the Emotions While Shifting Your Car From One City to Another?


Summary: Of course, moving a car along with your entire household belongings is an emotional task like a roller coaster. It totally depends on the perception of an individual how you take the things positively or negatively. In such a scenario, you will be appreciated by many if you will enjoy the thrilling ride of this roller coaster and perceive the things in a positive way. 

Yes, hiring a car carrier in Chennai is definitely a situation that does not need to be underestimated. It involves so many knotty points and emotions that contain fatigue, stress, confusion, fear, sadness, excitement and you will get relief once reaching the new destination at a new city.   

How to Deal with the Emotions While Shifting Your Car From Chennai City to Another - MoveMyCar

On the other hand, there may be elation, exhilaration, depression or sorrow emerging on the way to leave an old house but end of the day, one has to go through all these emotions and make him/her strong enough to tackle these things.

What are the Basic Emotions that Emerge at the Time of Shifting Along with Car Transportation?

Here’s the complete guide of emotions that you need to get rid of:


It is the well-said statement that moving your vehicle along with the house is an anxiety that can take a big form if not grabbed the right bike transport in Chennai out there. Handing over your precious and lovely car or bike to a complete stranger is something which is very stressful.   

Your Savings Would Be in Danger

If you haven’t chosen the right vehicle moving company then all your money saved for this precious moment of car shifting will be going in vain. After all, it’s a matter of the hard money that you have earned with full dedication and passion in your life. So, undoubtedly, you would obviously like to spend less and less money on this expedition of vehicles but also want to avail of the best and reliable.  


Mostly, people do not aware of the beginning process of this relocation process and hence end up with a lot of mistakes that they often bear after the relocation process is done such as getting their vehicles wrecked, theft etc. Then, they have to go through the long procedure of insurance compensation and all things. So, to avoid such a situation of confusion, you have to hire a proper car transport in Chennai so that you have to be aware of and get an idea how to proceed further from the initial point to the end level.  

  • FEAR

Moving a car can be a nightmare experience if not taken care of the proper facilities from the packing to the unloading process. There are many types of fear that may emerge at the time of proceeding car shifting such as:

  1. FEAR of relocating from your ancestors house
  2. FEAR of relocating away from your folks
  3. FEAR of being not able to complete one task at one time
  4. FEAR of getting trapped by illicit companies
  5. FEAR of getting wounds on the day of relocation 
  6. FEAR of inflicting costly property damage
  7. FEAR of getting your valuables damaged

There is no doubt in the emotion i.e sadness of relocating with your car leaving behind the ancestor’s house, belongings and other keepsakes. Getting sad and indulged in sorrow will come as a natural reaction of any action. Losing your loyal friends will definitely hurt a lot. 


On the contrary, you may be feeling very excited to shift your car to a new city and roam here and there with your new friends. It all brings a lot of excitement and new joy to explore the city one-by-one.  There are a lot of moving aspects that can bring a lot of enthusiastic feelings on you:

  1. After all, you will be going to live in a different city with your car. So you would definitely explore more. This will bring new joy to your boring life.
  2. You will be going to meet with the new people. Many destination places are incomplete without a good friend.  
  3. You will be going to kick start a new life. It will be easier to deal with many emotions by initiating a good life with new memories. 

All this would be possible when you will hire car transportation services in Chennai

What are the Charges of Car Transport in Chennai?

Following is the table revealing the estimated prices of car shifting:

Intercity Car Transport Distance

Intercity Car Transport Charges (Rs.)

Upto 400 Km


400-800 Km


800-1300 Km


1300-1900 Km



Overall, if you will hire the appropriate services for your car shifting it will give fruitful results by curbing the unnecessary emotions and bring enjoyment in the journey. So, hurry up! And give us a call today only to enjoy the moment of your life-time memory. 

Posted : 28th April 2020

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Tell us about your Need and get connected to Relevant Packers & Movers Experts!

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