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How to Avoid the Scams by Car Transport Companies in Jaipur?

Posted Date: 20th April 2020

Summary: Jaipur is designated as the capital city of Rajasthan which is the most developed and high earning city of Rajasthan. There you will get a plethora of top-notch coaching classes, engineering college, medical college etc. The various historical cities such as Hawamahal, Janter Manter, Albert Museum and many more have accentuated the beauty of this city to the superior level. After Delhi, the market of Jaipur has considered as the best market in North India.

capital city of Rajasthan - MoveMyCar

Here, you can enjoy authentic Rajasthani, South Indian, Chinese and Italian food and the most amazing thing is it is very nearer to the Delhi Mumbai corridor which is a hotspot destination for various business and investment opportunities. In a nutshell, Jaipur is known as the Pink City of India for the above reasons.

Besides, a large number of Logistics services are also found here catering to the best level whether it is related to Car carriers in Jaipur or Bike shifting services etc. Enormous people of Rajasthan have made each place of here like Pro in car transportation services.  

So, in this blog, let us start our discussion on the topic of how you can inhibit the situation of scams in Car relocation companies:

How to Avoid the Scams by Car Transport Companies in Jaipur- MoveMyCar

How you can Prevent Yourself from Illicit Car Carriers?

Follow the given steps:

  • Verify the Legal Documents: The first and foremost step before heading towards the availing of the authentic movers is to verify the several documents such as certification of registration, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, GST number etc.
  • Hire IBA Approved Car Moving Company: Besides, you have to verify the fact also that the concerned company is IBA approved or not. Apart from the universal fact, always opt for these kinds of services only as this will protect you from getting trapped in the bad companies and make yourself a fool.   
  • Visit the Office Premises: You should visit the physical office of the service provider before finalizing the agreement for any car transportation services. This will give you an idea over the thought that the company has an existence so you may heave a sigh of relaxing when it comes to get trapped in the name of reliability.   
  • Ask for the Quotes in Written Document: Now, all you need to do is just ask for the quotations in written document or over the email. This will make you confident over the thought that you have written evidence on paper.
  • Avoid Cash Payments: It’s a scenario of digitalization, so everyone prefers UPI IDs for making payments and have a record for transactions over the phone itself. You should do the same. In case, if you do not have such feasibility then you can use Debit card or Internet banking. This will also work for keeping the record of transactions with all details. Please, avoid cash on hand to make the payments.    
  • Never Pay the Whole Amount in Advance: It is essential to let you know here that there is no need to making full payment in advance. Rather try to convince the car carrier company to get the payment after the delivery of the car at the destination place. If the company gets agree then it is fine. If not, then make 1/4th payment in advance and the rest of the remaining money prefer to pay after the services delivered.
  • Determine the Hidden Charges: If the movers are trying to hide some of the charges with you then try to determine them. This is because you were demanding the written documents for the prices.  
  • Ask Relevant Questions: There are certain questions hover into the mind of a person who is conversing to get the car/bike transport services in India. So, it is advisable to not hesitate to ask them all. These questions may be like:
  • Will you provide a warehouse facility also?
  • How much manpower you will be sending?
  • What are the separate packing prices for a car or a bike?
  • Will you offer your services at the doorstep?
  • Urge to Pre-Moving Survey: Do not forget to ask the moving company to conduct the pre-moving survey of a car or bike before the actual relocation of the vehicles. This will give you an idea of the behavior of the assigned team thoroughly.
  • Option for Insurance Coverage: The security coverage of the vehicle is more important than anything. So, ask the company about the relocation insurance policy with all terms and conditions.
  • Be Cautious from Similar Brand Name: It is also recommended to you that there are many companies who are running their business with a similar name of any well-known brand. So, you must be very smart in judging those companies and inhibit yourself from such a situation.
  • Beware of the Fake Charges: It may happen that the company can charge you with unnecessary prices for the bike/car transportation services in Jaipur. So, you have to be familiar with the prevailing fair prices of the same service then only you can cross-check the things properly. Therefore, we have carved the following table to let you enlighten with the approx charges car moving companies in Jaipur:

Intercity Car Transport Distance

Intercity Car Transport Charges (Rs.)

Upto 400 Km


400-800 Km


800-1300 Km


1300-1900 Km


The Final Notes

Overall, you can follow the above-mentioned tips freely to prevent yourself from the illicit companies when it comes to grab the services of car transport in Jaipur. So, all the best and get ready to grasp the opportunity to choose the best and reliable platform to execute you’re planning into reality.

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