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How to Choose the Right Car Transport Services in India during Holi Season?

Posted Date: 7th March 2020

Summary: Are you feeling confused if you should ship your car during the season of Holi or not? If yes, this article will help you come out of this dilemma by throwing light on salient precautions that must be taken during Holi at the time of choosing vehicle transporters. Along with it, this blog will make you aware of the shortcomings of sitting behind the wheels during this wonderful season.

Before Going in the Depth, Have a Glance at The Major Points That This Blog Will Cover:

What are the Perils Involved in Shipping Your Car or Bike Yourself during Holi?

  • Increased Possibility of Damage of Your Car
  • Prone to Accidents
  • A Great Risk to Aesthetics of Your Car

How to Choose the Right Car or Bike Transportation Services in India During Holi Season?

Go for Experienced Transporters During at Affordable Costs

  • Pay for Enclosed Trailers
  • Ask for Providing Door to Door Shipping Services
  • Stay Away from Sham Organizations
  • Make Sure that Company’s Professionals Take Extra Protection

Holi, a festival of hues brings vitality and enthusiasm in our lives. We can observe a majestic aura of colors all around us- colors on the roads, in the sky, and an entire color-laden environment everywhere. Everyone welcomes this festival wholeheartedly, prepares sweets in their homes especially Gujia- a sweet that represents this iconic festival Holi. Amidst the preparation of this festival, many people send gifts to their family members and loved ones. The tradition of gifting each other ignites the spirit of celebration of this wonderful festival and let the gift receiver feel special. Some parents whose wards are living abroad want to ship their cars to them by selecting the right car transport services in India.

Do you also have such plans to ship your car during this festival season? It is a welcoming step as it will make your loved ones feel quite special and elated. Before executing your car shipping plans during Holi, let’s understand why it is crucial to take exclusive care before shipping your car during this wonderful season of Holi.

What are the Perils involved in Shipping your Car or Bike Yourself During Holi?

Shipping your bike or car always demands exclusive care on your part. When it comes to shipping your car during this season when colors are scattered all around us, it demands exclusive care and concern. Let’s understand that what are the perils that your car can go through during the shipping season?

  • Increased Possibility of Damage of Your Car: Holi is a festival of elegance and celebration. But during this festival, if we try to sit behind the wheels and ship our car by ourselves, it can prove to be damn risky for us. Our beloved car is prone to many injuries during this season as anyone can throw color or water on our car.
  • Prone to Accidents: Some mischievous persons during Holi throw water bottles and other trash materials on the roads. So, if you are shipping your car during this season yourself, your car or bike naturally becomes more prone to accidents.
  • A Great Risk to the Aesthetics of Your Car: If you are shipping your car or bike by themselves that too during Holi, beware as it can mar the aesthetics of your precious car.

Does this mean that you should not ponder over transporting your car during this majestic festival of Holi? To end your dilemma, professional car transport services in India have come to your rescue.

How to Choose The Right Car or Bike Transportation Services in India During Holi Season?

Go for Experienced Transporters at Affordable Costs: At the time of vehicle shipping during festival seasons, the rates of car or bike shipping companies in India go high. So, this is the time you must act smartly as your goal should be not to burn a dent in your pocket. So, be smart and ask for shipping quotes from at least three to four car carrier service providers. Give preference to those vehicle shipping transporters who have experience in shipping during the festival season.

Pay for Enclosed Trailers: Are you petrified about the consequences of shipping your bikes or cars during Holi Season? Well, hold on, here is a wonderful solution to keep your car safe and secure during this festival season. Communicate your vehicle shipping professionals that you are ready to pay for the enclosed vehicle shipping trailers. It will go a long way in keeping your car safe and secure.

Ask for providing Door to Door Shipping Services: Car or Bike shipping during the festival season can be quite a risky experience. So, at the time of hiring vehicle transporters, your aim must be to avoid all kinds of hassles and ensure the way towards seamless vehicle shipping experience. So, make sure to communicate your plans perfectly by asking your dealers to provide door to door vehicle shipping services.

Stay Away from Sham Organizations: The arrival of the season of Holi marks the busiest season for car or bike transporters. At this peak time of transportation, we will find loads of counterfeit companies are hovering all around us. So, at this busiest time, check the credentials of the concerned company from where you are planning to take services.

Make Sure that Company Professionals Take Extra Protection: The safety of your car or bike during festival season matters a lot. So, during the festival season, ask the professionals to take an extra level of protection before shipping. Make sure that the car is loaded in a separate vehicle and packed well before shipping.

The Bottom Line:

All in All, During Holi, the wonderful festival, sitting behind the wheels is one of the greatest perils that can cause damage to our car. Therefore, at this time the best choice is to go for car carrier services in India so that your car can be shipped carefully from one destination to the other. Before shipping your vehicle pay heed to the authenticity of the car or bike shipping company and give necessary instructions to the professionals before executing shipping plans. We wish you a wonderful car or bike shipping experience during the festival of Holi.

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