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Checklist for Transporting Your Car to Another City

Posted Date: 2nd March 2020

What do you think a person can shift his car without encountering any issues? If it’s his first time, then definitely he will be facing some of the prominent issues that are general. On the contrary, if he really wants to inhibit himself from those unexpected challenges then he must be aware of some of the nuances of this process. Whenever an Indian denizen thinks to give an organized shape to his car relocation process, he also anticipates some amount of risks involved in this process.

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To eliminate those risks involvement, he tries to extract the methods of shifting or some points to ponder that can save his time and energy. Besides, refraining himself from the illicit companies scattered in this industry also makes him eager to scour more. No matter, whether it is a domestic shifting or a local level car transport in India, it usually happens with all.

If all these situations are related to you, then you do not need to be panic. As usual, your all-time companion blog will never let you plunge in the lurch. We completely understand that your car is the most precious thing that you can’t buy in every second day of life. For most of the people, it is something which they consider as their lifetime asset. To aid you and tackle your car shifting process, we have crafted certain discussions. So, let us see what you have to do for the car relocation process.

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How to Transport Your Car in India?

There is not only one way through which you can relocate your car. Many tricks and techniques collaborate to prepare an expedition for this process. Here, we will be discussing the following methods:

Now, have a glance at brief:

  • How to Shift a Car Through Train?

Our Indian railways use a flat wagon which is generally designed to ship a car in various routes viz. Delhi to Chennai, Mumbai to Delhi etc. To avail of the services of Indian Railways, you have to contact the railway parcel office. They will then let you know whether this service is available at your place or not. If it is available, then you can inquire about the prices.  

  • How to Shift a Car Through a Car Carrier Truck?

Shipping an SUV through a car carrier is the best decision you can ever make. Undoubtedly, this is the most renowned method of car transportation in India. In comparison with a train shipment and sea transit, these car carrier trucks are considered as the most convenient and cost-effective method. There are many car carriers companies in India that you can avail of these days. The prominent name that can provide you with reliable services is LogisticMart. You can also switch to other companies as well such as MoveMyCar, FindMovers, Aggarwal Packers and Movers, UrbanClap etc.

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Till here, we have discussed two methods of car shipment. Out of them, if you prefer the car carrier trucks, then you have to also have a look at the careful notes under this method. These points are:

How to Book a Car Carriers Service in India?

 All you need to grab the given points and ponder the instructions that are being given:

1.     Scour the best car shipping service providers in your city and check out the rates.

2.     Avail of the inclusive quotations including the service tax, octroi fees, local delivery etc.

3.     Before choosing any authentic company, do not forget to check out all the required documents for further verification.

4.     Never forget to check whether they are assisting NOC from RTO or not.

5.     Under the documentation services, ask about the rates involved in it.

6.     Ask about the routes through which your car will be transferred. Try to understand all the knotty things.

7.     Go through the inspection reports, and mention if you find something missing in it. These things should be done prior to your signature.

8.     At the time of delivery, match the inspection report. Here, you can ensure that your car would not be having any dent or scratches.

9.     If you will find anything you can directly ask for the insurance claim.

10.   At last, vacant the car and remove all the items like music system, GPRS, steering cover, wheel cap, and other accessories, which can be detached easily.


These car carrier companies have reduced half of the level of burden from the shoulders and minds of the relocating people. Choosing a company that uses a trailer to carry your vehicles can be the best and feasible way to ship your car in India. Additionally, this is the cost-effective method also with full safety. Only, you need to get the formalities done through RTO. On the other hand, if you do not want to take this much of pains, then you have to give a little extra money to your car shifting company and it will get it done. So, always think practically and look for the best option to handover the most precious belonging to other ones.

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