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Posted Date: 9th December 2019

As per one of the most popular dictum “Half knowledge is more dangerous than Ignorance.” This dictum suits well whenever we go and lookout for the best Bike or Car Transport Companies in Delhi. As most of the Indians are completely unaware in the context of how they can fetch the right assistance at the time of shipping their most precious vehicles like Car, and bike.  It is not an exaggeration in saying that handing your precious vehicles like car, and bike to professional shipping companies is quite a tricky and burdensome task. Moreover, the fear of getting your vehicle injured also stops you from entrusting your vehicle to a particular company.

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What are the Threats Involved in Do it yourself Vehicle Shipping?

Well, when it comes to sending your vehicle to a far-off destination, you have two options with you. The first one is to sit behind the wheels and the other one is to go for professional shipping companies.  Sitting behind the wheels is fraught with lots of dangers that are completely unexpected to us. As many folks are unaware of these probable dangers in our way, we tend to choose do it yourself shipping methods by sitting behind the wheels. Some of the possible dangers that can haunt us in the way are as follows:

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  • If you are making a mood to ship your car over a long-distance, you should think over it again as in the long-distance journey, you may get tired and there is a chance of getting dents and scratches.
  • Weather setbacks are also a great issue when we opt for self-driving our vehicles like Car, and bike. Hailstorms, hurricane, heavy floods, etc. are some of the natural calamities that can stop your way and stops you from reaching your next destination.
  • Your vehicle may have the possibility of getting damaged on the way. In case you are driving your car or bike yourself, the possibility of injuries increases manifold. If your vehicle is not insured, your liability increases manifold. You may have to bear huge financial setbacks in this case.

The perfect solution to all the above-mentioned problems is to hand over your vehicle to Professional Car Carrier Services in Delhi.

Should We Go to Any of the Motorcycle (Bike) Transport Companies in Delhi At Random?

Choosing any vehicle transportation company randomly can be the biggest blunder in your way of vehicle shipping. If you leave a car or bike shipping on your fortune, it can prove to be the biggest and fatal mistake on your part. This can give you one of the biggest financial shocks of your life. If you choose Vehicle Shipping Companies in Delhi at random you can encounter the following problems in your way.

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Not Delivering your Vehicle on time: We all know that how important is the timely delivery of your vehicle at the time of shipping. But when we opt to choose any transporters at random, we put ourselves at the biggest risk. Not getting your vehicle shipping consignment on time is a complete waste of your time and money. So, if you want to keep your problems at bay, you should never choose the vehicle shipping company randomly.

Poor Communication by Professionals of the Company:  Effective communication can make many difficult tasks very easy. As against it, poor communication can be fatal in the success of a particular task. So, whenever we tend to choose vehicle shipping companies at random, the possibility of poor or miscommunication increases manifold. So, choosing any bike or car shipping company can cause multiple threats you may not be aware of.

Not Getting the Right Quotations: We all will agree towards the fact that many vehicle shipping companies don’t provide its customers with the right vehicle shipping quotations. This leaves most of the car or bike shipping aspirants in the lurch as they fail in estimating the right amount they should save for their vehicle shipping journey.

What are the Important Factors that Should Be Kept in Mind When Approaching Car Carriers?

We have come up with some of the precautions that you can take while approaching your car carriers.

  • Check the important credentials of the concerned vehicle shipping company. You can ask your company’s professionals to show GST receipts, Taxpaying documents, and other credentials that are quite helpful in validating the identity of the vehicle shipping company.
  • Pay an uninformed visit to the company to understand the actual condition of your vehicle shipping company.
  • At the time of paying personal visit, pay attention to several important factors that help you in judging the seriousness of the vehicle shipping professionals. Look at the conditions of the vehicle, cross-check the address of the company; you can match it with the address that is given on the internet. You can also think if the vehicle fleet of the company is enough to tackle vehicle shipping load at the time of peak season.
  • Ask for the vehicle shipping quotes in advance. You should approach at least four to five vehicle shipping service providers to get an estimate of standard vehicle shipping charges in advance.

These tips will help you in achieving your goal of approach genuine and authentic vehicle shipping service providers. Once you follow these tips, you can easily approach the best shipping companies. Apart from this if you are simultaneous for Packers and Movers in Delhi, and car carriers in Delhi, we have a great suggestion for you. You must approach that service provider only that is capable of providing both services simultaneously.

 How to Avail of the Services of the Top Car Carrier Services in Delhi?

After you have validated the identity of the concerned vehicle shipping company, you can go move ahead and approach the concerned vehicle shipping transporters. But at the same time, you must be aware of the entire process of dealing effectively with your vehicle shipping company.

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Approach your Car Carriers in Advance: Note this golden rule that you must contact your vehicle shipping company in advance. You should take a break from your hectic routine, and start looking forward to contacting your vehicle shipping company in advance. It will leave before you ample of time to root out all your confusions if any. At this point of time, you should ask as many questions from your company professionals as you can. Your goal must be to establish the right communication with the shipping professionals.

Decide the Mode of Shipping your Car or Bike: At this important juncture, you must be aware of how you will ship your vehicle? Didn’t get the right aspect of this conversation? Let’s clear your confusion in this regard. First of all, you need to decide if you want to ship your vehicle through personal transportation, or shared vehicles will be enough for you. Also, you must note that if you go for choosing a shared mechanism of shipping your bike or car with other vehicles, your costs will be much less. As compared to it, in case of choosing personal vehicle transporters, your costs can be quite sky-rocketing.

You can also decide that door to door vehicle shipping is the best option for you or you wish to count on the terminal to terminal vehicle consignment delivery. In the case of the terminal to terminal vehicle shipping, you have to pay much less amount as against it when you rely on door to door vehicle shipping.

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Consider the Vehicle Shipping Quotes: Suppose you are planning to ship your bike from Delhi, in this case, you must be aware of Bike Transport Charges Delhi. In the present world, you can easily count on various bike or car cost shipping calculators that can give you an estimated cost of vehicle shipping. You can also approach renowned Online Portals like if your goal is to save your pennies. You may be thinking that why you should approach online portals?  It is noteworthy to mention here that these portals help you save up to 40% of your total shipping cost. If you want to ship a vehicle from Mumbai to Delhi, you should be aware of the cost of car or bike transporting from Delhi to Mumbai. So, whenever making a plan of vehicle shipping, approach these mediums that help you to save enough finances in advance.

The Approximate cost of Bike and Car transportation from Delhi to Mumbai:

Type of Vehicle

Vehicle Shifting Charges

Car Transport Charges from Delhi to Mumbai 

Rs 6,000 - 20,000

Bike Transport Charges from Delhi to Mumbai 

Rs 4,000 - 12,000

Ask for the probable facilities and Available Dates from your Professionals: You should clear all your doubts in advance. Simply ask that if your vehicle shipping professionals will give you insurance facilities or not. If the insurance facility is granted, then what will be the type of insurance services? Are they providing transit insurance or all-inclusive insurance? Also, inquire about available dates from the company’s professionals. If these dates match as per your requirements, you can think of signing a written document with your professionals.

Sign a Written document with your Vehicle Shipping Company: The time has come when you should sign a written document with your professionals. Just ask them to mention every term and condition on the document along with the date. Before signing on the document, read the entire document at least thrice and after that, you can sign on it.

Closing Thoughts:

In this guide, we have tried to root out all your questions regarding vehicle shipping companies in Delhi. We wish you a great vehicle shipping experience in the hope that you like our sincere efforts.

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