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Posted Date: 9th September 2019

With an extensive growth in technology, the future of entire auto shipping industry is soon going to be transformed in India. Adopting the global trend of electric vehicles, Indian auto shipping industry is ready to welcome the plying of electric vehicles on the Indian roads exclusively in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon. Once these electric vehicles such as electric cars, bikes, and even scooters start running on the roads by 2030, the demand for electric Car Transport in Gurgaon will also rise very much. The entire future of the auto shipping industry in India will be transformed soon. So, here is an ultimate guide about the need and challenges of electric vehicles in India.

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 Electric Vehicle Manufacturing: Transforming the Future of Car Carriers Services in India

Will electric cars or bikes will be able to run on the roads of India? What was the need of introducing electric car manufacturing in India? How the Car and Bike Shipping Services will get affected by the electric manufacturing industry. These are some of the recurring doubts in the minds of Indian auto shipping customers. So, let’s start a deep analysis of electric vehicle manufacturing in India.

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Why there is a Need For Self-Reliance for Electric Vehicle Manufacturing India?

Till date, India is highly dependent on other countries for procuring the components that are necessary for electric vehicle manufacturing. According to a joint statement by Niti Aayog Members “This dependence for the manufacturing parts can make India vulnerable to the risk of cyber security breaches. According to a statement by V.K. Saraswat, a chief member of Niti Aayog think tank: “ All the software and components needed for electric vehicle manufacturing should be made in India so that it can achieve self-reliance in the country. Only then a complete self-reliance goal for Electric vehicle manufacturing in India will be achieved soon. Once the electric bikes and cars will be the future of major cities like Gurgaon and Delhi NCR India, people will also require electric Bike Transport Services in Gurgaon.

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Major Challenges Before Indian Electric Car Manufacturers in India:

Electric Car Manufacturing is not a one-day goal. Since the announcement of the introduction of electric vehicles in India by Prime Minister Mr. Narendar Modi the Indian automotive market has geared up its preparations for electric vehicle manufacturing. Many famous auto shipping industry players like Toyota, Mahindra and Mahindra have started working on its electric vehicle projects and even some players have already introduced its electric vehicles in the market. But still, there are lots of challenges that manufacturers of electric vehicles face during electric vehicles manufacturing.

Challenge of Adequate Power Generation: The introduction of electric cars will put an additional burden of power generation on the Indian economy. As per an estimate, the country will require an additional power generation of 8 GW to meet the rising demand for electric vehicles. This is one of the major challenges before the entire Indian economy.

Require Smart Meters for Successful Running of Electric Cars: If we want to make electric vehicle popular in a country like India, in this case, we will require smart meters in the country. These AI- based smart meters will be required to judge how much energy consumption is required for household needs, during working hours or evenings, and for charging their electric vehicles. So, the country has to become smart in technology like AI and machine learning so that smart meters can be invented in our country.

High Cost of Manufacturing and Repair: Buying an electric vehicle is a nightmare for the entire middle class. If you are super-rich, only then you can think of buying these vehicles. Moreover, the repair of these vehicles is extremely costly. And searching for reliable Car Transport Services in Gurgaon is yet another challenge before the customers of electric vehicles. So, first, our country needs to tackle such peculiar challenges before the introduction of electric vehicles on Indian roads.

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Infrastructure issues: India is yet to make its infrastructure strong if the country wants a bright future of electric vehicle on its roads. Garbage dumps and holes on roads will be problematic for the running of electric vehicles successfully. So, Indian roads require a smooth infrastructure if we want to incorporate a successful future of electric vehicles.

How the introduction of Electric Vehicles Will Change the Future of Car Transportation Services?

Car and Bike shipping industry will also have to get prepared for shipping of electric vehicles. Leaving behind old shipping methods, the entire shipping industry will be required to have an amalgamation of technology while executing electric vehicle shipping. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will decide the future of the auto shipping industry. Introduction of technology can reduce overall shipping rates of the entire Car or Bike Transporters in Gurgaon.

Closing Thoughts:

All in all, the introduction of electric vehicles will also brighten the future of Indian Shipping industry. Electric vehicle shipping will become much easier with the advent of technology. It will change the current scenario of the entire auto shipping industry as only quality shipping players will be in demand after the introduction of electric vehicles.

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