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Top Five Myths in the Mind of Customers While Choosing Car Carrier Service in Bangalore

Posted Date: 22nd July 2019

With the advancement of information and technology, information is quite easily available to customers all around the world. The same applies to the logistics industry as well. The flow of information in this industry is quite smooth.  All of us know that if we need car carrier services, without any hitch, we will go to car carrier service providers. In spite of such ease of information available, there are some myths in the mind of people regarding car & bike shipping.

These myths or misconceptions can disturb the mind of the people and they automatically develop some fear in their mind. These myths in the mind of the individuals can adversely impact the business of bike transport services in Bangalore. In the blog, we will outline at least 5 Top myths that different folks have in their mind. So, let’s begin with these myths…..

1. Myth:  Car shipping rates are always unclear and cannot be calculated exactly

Reality: It is disheartening that in this modern age, people still have some misconceptions in their mind about car shipping costs. Some individuals believe that charges of car carriers services in Bangalore cannot be calculated exactly. It is not at all true. In this age of the internet, many companies offer reliable Bike & Car Shipping costs. People can receive car shipping quotes via email, online cost calculator, etc. These costs give an approximate idea of your approximate expenses.

2. Myth: Open Car Carriers are the worst types of carrier

Reality: Open Car Carriers have earned a bad reputation in the entire auto transportation industry. People feel that open car carriers are not at all reliable when it comes to vehicle shipping safely. This myth is really far away from reality. The choice of car carrier solely depends on an individual’s need. Open car carriers are in fact, the fastest mode of shipping a vehicle.

3. Myth: Distance is the sole factor in deciding the quotes

Reality: Some people have a notion that distance is the only factor that plays a role in determining car and bike shipping quotes. This is not at all a real picture. Many car & bike transport companies count on many factors while deciding the car & bike shipping quotes. Many other factors that play an important role in deciding the shipping quotes is the choice of car carriers like open car carrier, or enclosed car carrier and mode of transportation, intercity or interstate car transportation etc.

4. Myth: Driving is much better than Car Shipping

Reality: Generally, when it comes to the transportation of car, we have two primary options: Shipping your car or bike, or the other one is driving your car on your own. Some people are under the false notion that self-driving your car is better than handover it to auto shipment companies for shipping. It is not at all true. Self-driving your car is fraught with lots of danger, your fuel may fall short at once, roads may be quite rocky, you may feel extremely tired, and a lot more. So, Car& Bike Shipping is not at all a bad idea. In fact, due to the arrival of online portals, people these days are grabbing affordable shipping companies.

5. Myth: All Car & Bike shipping reviews are false

Reality: In the present age, many companies take the course of false reviews to make their vehicle shipping business successful. In spite of this, it is not at all true that all the shipping reviews are not real. Many online portals also give a clear picture to their clients by publishing original reviews as quickly as possible on their website.

These are some of the topmost notions that revolve in the mind of the client. Being a knowledgeable customer, you should not believe blindly on such notions. It is extremely important to dig into the clear picture of the company from where you are going to take the services.

Closing Thoughts:

There are lots of auto shipping companies in India which provide car transport services in Bangalore. So, to choose a reliable auto shipping company is extremely important. But before that, it is important to become a rational customer and shun away all the misconceptions from your mind. So, dig deep before you choose any auto transportation company from a plethora of options available.





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