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How to Unveil Fake Online Reviews of Auto Transport companies?

Posted Date: 27th May 2019

Feeling tickled pink as your company has entrusted a new project’s accountability on you. For handling this professional accountability soon you will relocate to a new state. New professional hopes, the enthusiasm of shifting to a new state and acclimatizing yourself with a new environment have made you extremely excited. Hold on your thoughts for a minute, and think about the necessary tasks left on your part for your interstate move. Well, you suddenly remember that you require a reliable Motorcycle Transport Company in Gurgaon. There is no dearth of auto transport companies in Gurgaon, but to find the best shipping companies near you seems a monstrous challenge.

Vehicle Shipping companies paint a perfect picture before their customers and do not let them know the truth. In fact, in this world of internet and technology, where customers are quite active online, it has become extremely easy to dupe clients. To execute big scams submitting fake Auto transport reviews is a big weapon in the hands of various auto shipping companies.

How to act smartly and spot fake online reviews submitted on the website of various Bike Movers and packers? The need of the hour is to beware and save your money by unveiling the deep secrets of Auto shipping companies. So, let’s have an insight into how to spot fake testimonials of Bike Movers Services in Gurgaon.

7 Tips on how to spot Fake Online Reviews

Taking Car bike shifting services has never been an easy task. Vehicle shipping companies ask for exorbitant cash from their users. Later on not availing the level of services as promised earlier leaves them in a state of utter disappointment. So, let’s become a smart customer and have a glance at the following tips that will help you in digging deep to know the real picture of logistics companies.

Check if the reviews are too good: The focus of various car carrier companies is to grow their business exponentially. To grow their business they don’t even hesitate to portray a fake picture on their website. So, it is your accountability to take out some time and dig deeper into reality. Go to the website of the concerned company and check out all the testimonials. If you feel that all the online comments that have been submitted, boasts of about their exemplary work, it is the right time to give a thought. The reality can be far away. Nowadays various car carriers follow a practice of submitting paid submissions. Either the companies hire an individual for this purpose, or they pay their extra incentives to their employees for executing this task.

Keep a check on their website for a certain period: It is important to dig deeper their website ratings. Have an eagle eye and notice everything regarding these ratings. Is the company’s testimonials have been entered at the same time from the last certain period. Does the rater have used the same kind of phrases or language? If yes, this is something fishy that demands your awareness. So, think twice before taking a Bike Transport Service from them. There are lots of Car transport companies in a country like India, but choosing reliable services is the sole accountability of the prospects.

Check the mechanism of submissions: Be a cautious and smart individual. It is an act that will pay you in the long run. Dig deeper into the website details. Some websites require creating a profile before submitting an online rating on their website. You can gauge the reality by yourself. Try to submit a testimonial on a particular website yourself. If it does not require the creation of a user profile, then there are huge chances of deceit. Act smartly and spot out the hidden truths.

Check out ratings: Rating given on a particular website can reveal the hidden picture. Check out if the website has a large number of 4 to 5-star ratings. Also, pay heed that there is no 1-star or 2-star ratings on the auto shipping company’s website. This will help you in gauging reality.

Anonymous reviews submission: Is the company’s website has a large number of anonymous testimonials? If yes, then this is something you should beware of. This does not mean that all review profiles that carry a name are real. But it is an important practice to keep a vigil on anonymous reviews. If the company has very less or almost negligible testimonials that carry a name, this is something you should be alert about.

Repeated phrases: There is no exaggeration in saying that every auto shipping company wants to take their business to the next level. In this materialistic time period, they don’t hesitate in deceiving their customers. So, in today’s time to have an excellent bike transport companies in Gurgaon is not dependent on mere luck. It demands alertness on the part of users as well. So, it is necessary to have a look at the testimonials submitted by customers. If they contain excessive phrases like Excellent service providers, did an excellent job, hire them. This gives a clear indication that there are more chances of fraud.

Take the help of professional companies: Nowadays there are a couple of famous companies that provide business ratings. It is important to check if the company is listed on any such platform or not. If it is not listed on any such platform then it is something to worry about. Google, Yelp is examples of such companies that provide business ratings. So, this is the best way to know concealed truth.

Absence of poor reviews: No service provider can be completely perfect in its task or business. In fact, logistics Companies have a great chance of lacking in their services due to bad weather, sometimes the truck or trolley is not available. So, the absence of bad comments creates a situation of high alert. Never fall in the trap of such dubious services.

Closing Thoughts:

In the present age where car transport cost has seen a steady increase in the past few years, contacting legitimate service providers is an utter necessity. So, the need of the hour is to act smartly and save your pennies from going into the wrong hands. If you follow the above-mentioned tips sincerely, you will be able to reveal the hidden agenda of car carrier companies. So, save yourself from becoming part of the next big scam featuring in the newspapers.

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