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4 Proven Ways that Save Money While Transporting Vehicle

Shipping a car or bike can be a hectic task. From finding the right mode of Bike Transportation in Pune to preparing the bike for transportation one needs to take care of everything for having a positive auto transport experience. Apart from this the main concern of most of the people is price. It might be difficult for you to find a cheap bike transport company but you can definitely cut down the cost of transport by making a few wise decisions.

Go for terminal to terminal services

A major difference in your shipping charges might occur if you choose terminal to terminal services. This is true. If you get your bike delivered at a nearby terminal you’ll definitely save a substantial amount. But if you get your vehicle delivered at your doorstep then it will obviously cost you more. You can definitely do without doorstep delivery and save a lot of money. But make sure that you reach your terminal at the proper time of arrival of your vehicle or you might incur unnecessary storage fees.

Choosing an open carrier

Open bike shipping is the best option which can save you a lot of money. Rather than going with closed carriers in which only your bike is transferred, go with open carrier services in which your vehicle is shifted with other bikes and cars. This shipping method is quite safe. But make sure that your bike or car is not an antique or a luxury one otherwise; you might have to shell out a huge price in case of any damage.

Choose a proper season and day

It’s advisable to choose a proper season or a date if you want to cut down on your cost. During peak holiday seasons moving companies tend to charge more because of high demand. Same is with the weekends also. Also, it’s better to avoid moving during the rainy season as it increases the obstacles and so the cost.

Take out extra accessory

Bike carriers in Pune usually charge on the basis of the weight of the vehicle. So the weight of your bike becomes a key determinant of the price- higher the weight the more you’ll pay. That’s why it’s better to take out all the accessories and luggage out. You can ship or carry those items separately by yourself later.

Although bike transport is costly, smart owners usually save a lot using different tactics. But saving money doesn’t necessarily mean that you should compromise on the quality. So be smart and save money by following the above tips while transporting your bike.

Posted : 28th December 2018

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Tell us about your Need and get connected to Relevant Packers & Movers Experts!

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